Meet and Greet🐣 (2021.03.03)


I have a lot of photos from the online Handshake so I will post them here☺️🍞





Risa chan☺️

Christmas version🎅🎄



I always bring my friends with me.🦈🐕🐴

They all look so cute with their little hats on.😖♡


I’m very happy that many of my fans have matching aoko!🦈

Thank you〜☺️






My first half-twin😳

Opi Opeー🐰🐈



What hair arrangement should I try next?〜🐈

I’ll be happy if you send me a request🤔



There will be another one in March (online M&G), so I’m looking forward to it.🌸

Let’s talk a lot♪




And we’re happy to announce that our second single “BAN” will be released on April 14th!

I’ll give it my all!

Please look forward to it.





Squishy cheeks




See you☺️

Watanabe Rika



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