Paris‼︎ (2023.07.18)

Japan Expo Paris 2023

have safely ended 🇫🇷✨



The crowd was so large I can’t see the last row with my naked eyes,

The cheers raised for each song, the expressions of the audience,

The more we conveyed the performance,

the more heat comes back to us…


Our first overseas performance

was a truly thrilling stage


When I stepped to the side of the stage,

I unconsciously said, “That was amazing…”


It took me a while to return to reality





I don’t want to ever forget

all the feelings I felt from this performance

It was a day where I am convinced that this experience

will be a great source of motivation for Sakurazaka46 from now on and ever




And while we are in Paris,

So many Buddies from Japan, from all around the world,

send us your words of encouragement

You celebrated it in various ways, using hashtags and such,

and it all reached the members!




Truly, thank you!!

It is thanks to all of you, Buddies,

who sent us your power

we could perform to the best of our ability with peace of mind



Thank you.

We will continue to give it our best

Please continue to give us your support!




I was able to explore Japan Expo’s venue for a bit,

and the wonderful culture of Japan

is loved by so, so many foreigners

I am once again reminded of how proud I am to have been born in Japan,

and my heart is filled with the countless connections

that transcends border




It’s truly an honor to have been able to perform at such a wonderful place.




We’d like to deliver our performance even more this Summer

We look forward to your continued support!








And finally!

I will be doing a showroom stream

on 20th July, the day after tomorrow, from 9PM JST!


I hope that I can talk about many things ☺️

And I will be making an announcement during the stream!

Please put it on your calendar~ 🌸






Well then.

I will be writing again soon! 👋🏻

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