Samidare yo (2022.03.10)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒
From Sakurazaka46
The MV for the 4th single “Samidare yo” has been released today
Have you seen it yet??
This time the MV was shot on 16mm film.
We were able to achieve a charming MV with a tone that we never had before until now.
Those who haven’t seen it yet, I’d be happy if you could watch and listen to it a lot〜♪
Aeon Card-san’s TV CM has been released✨
This time, I’ve been given the honor of appearing on Aeon Card CM for the first time!
I’m very, very delighted and honored.
I received some lovely flowers💐
Thank you very much.
This is the “New Life” version that I am also participating in!
This is the “Everyday” version!
Has everyone seen them yet??
Actually!! I saw it on TV for the first time today〜♡
I felt kinda shy about it🍒
Definitely check out the CM pleaseー☺︎
Thank you for reading until the end.
See ya〜

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