Samidare yo (2022.04.07)

Good evening 🌝



Sakurazaka46’s 4th single “Samidare yo”
was released on Wednesday April 6th 🌸



Through the cooperation of many people,
we were able to welcome this day safely
so I’m happy


Thank you!







Samidare yo (2022.04.07)



The work done there this time also represents
a very significant development for us…


There’s love…


Thank you so much for this (´._.`)🙇






The members were there to visit as well,
and we enjoyed it a lot!



There’s a Vhonotalk that I filmed during that time,
so I will send it tomorrow Friday April 8th at 21:00
through the Message App 💌



For those who have already gone there,
to those that will go from now on
and for those who are too far and can’t go,
I hope everyone can enjoy it 💭


Please come to visit
Shibuya Tsutaya by all means ☺︎








In the Shibuya Stream building


There is a wonderful exhibition in the same way as it was in the CD jacket picture,


It was created by
who has always been taking care of
the artworks for Sakurazaka46. 🕊‎



It’s something really amazing…
Thank you very much.



I tried taking a photo while doing
the pose that was next to me.





Um….?  I think I didn’t get it right


So this one instead (^.^)





Buddies should come and experience Sakurazaka too 🌸








And then, on the release day



I was in “Love it!”




And in “Rekomen!”



Thank you ☺️





It became a day where I felt a lot of love.




I hope this 4th single
reaches to all of you.




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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