TGC (2021.03.05)


Hello everyone,


I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱





It’s now March!

Are you all doing well??



It’s also the changing of the seasons,
so be careful not to catch a cold~..


The morning of one day 🙂









I appeared a few days ago at “The 32nd Mynavi Tokyo Girls’ Collection 2021 SPRING/SUMMER”!




Thank you very much to those of you who tuned in..





It was our first time performing during the artist live as Sakurazaka46!



We performed:

  • “Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattandarou?”
  • “Buddies”
  • “Nobody’s fault”




I was quite nervous since it was a different feeling to what I’m normally used to, but since it was Riko-chan’s final “Buddies” I watched the performance a lot ^ ^




It made me really happy to have an opportunity such as this one where we can have a lot of people, who are unfamiliar with Sakurazaka46, watch the performance.


Thank you very much!





Furthermore, I was also given the opportunity to walk on the runway this time…





I held the Sakurazka46 original design “Aeon Card (Sakurazaka46) whilst walking.



The white base with sakura petals design is quite simple, but it’s an extremely lovely card~



Please do look forward to buy things this spring using the Sakurazaka card ^ ^




Additionally, I also was given the opportunity to appear on the “And Couture” stage!A spring-like, cool-looking one-piece dress!


The earrings and scarf were also cute..

Matching the colour of my eyes, my nails were also painted red ^ ^






We appeared on the same stage!


She looked really cute wearing sunglasses 🕶






I was watching her from behind the runway, she looked really stylish..!


I was also on the same stage as Habu-san, she and the staff members were having a great time together ^ ^ lol





Kon-chan! (Konno Ayaka-chan)


I had some spare time, so I went to go see her~

Kon-chan in model mode was really cute ^ ^




And that was my full day..


I’ll continue to keep doing my best in order to appear once again!





Well then, that’s all for today…



Thank you very much for reading until the very end!




The end🌱



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