Thank you! 🌸 (2021.11.20)


I feel happy!

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member
from Miyazaki, Matsuda Rina.

Thank you very much for opening this blog


Sakurazaka46 has won
the Best Japan Act category from the Best Local Act award
in 2021 MTV EMA,
one of Europe’s largest music award shows!!

I am truly, very honored!!
I feel very happy because I was hoping that we could win the award!!!
I think that we were able to win this award thanks to all of you who have voted and the Buddies who support us every day!!
Truly, thank you very much!!

And I will devote myself every day to make Sakurazaka46 grow further!


And then,
it has been decided that we will be appearing in
the 72th Kouhaku Uta Gassen!!

I feel really happy!!!
Truly, thank you very much!!
I’d like to express all my gratitude this year in this performance, with all I got!

I can’t truly thank the Buddies for your support, so I’d like to give my best to repay it, even if it’s little by little!

We look forward to your continuous support of Sakurazaka46 in the few remaining time of 2021!











Sakurazaka46 appeared in Part 1 of
“NHK WORLD JAPAN presents SONGS OF TOKYO Festival 2021”
that aired in NHK World Japan (International Broadcast) on 20th November (Sat)!

It makes me very happy to be able to deliver it to the world!!


I was very happy to be able to appear in SONGS OF TOKYO again!!

There will also be a broadcast on NHK General, so please do give it a look!
The broadcast on NHK General is
3rd January 2022 (Mon)
from 11:20 ~ 01:20PM JST!









Thank you very much for reading this blog.



See ya 🌺🌴






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