Thank you very much ✨ (2022.11.20)

Good evening πŸŒ™



We have successfully

held the finale of Sakurazaka46 2nd TOUR 2022 As you know?

on 8th – 9th November 2022 🌸


To everyone who went to Tokyo Dome

To everyone who watched through the online stream

Thank you very much for all your support ✨



I am very grateful that a graduation ceremony

that concludes my 7 years of activity could be held at the tour finale.



To be able to be sent off many many people at Tokyo Dome,

a place that I dreamed to stand there again together with everyone as Sakurazaka46, was a moment filled with happiness.


Truly, truly, thank you very much

for giving me such an opportunity ✨






As this is the tour finale,

in the main part, we firmly delivered Sakurazaka’s stage performance.


How was it?



The last day of rehearsal.


I was very sad to think that it’ll be my last time using the studio that we have been using to practice every concert, so I took a lot of pictures during the rehearsal period!




There’s so many memorable pictures from the tour, I can’t post them all ☺️



With my beloved 1st gen members.


On the last day, we did the Keyakizaka group cheer together after a long while πŸƒ


I love you guys~

So rowdy


Time Machine de Yeah! πŸ€™πŸ»



The waves everyone made at the venue were so pretty 🫢🏻✨

It was so much fun, thank you very much!!



Actually, the pattern on my skirt was of horses πŸŽβ™‘

If you already noticed it, that’s great!




During this song, I could see all of you particularly well ✨


I savored the moment while feeling grateful that so many people came

and etching the glittering scenery to memory.





I was very happy not only to see everyone’s uchiwa and messages that is filled with love,

but also towel with the graduation ceremony logo, ganbariki penlight, and penlight accessories 😊

Thank you very much to all of you who had them!




I am deeply moved that a beautiful horse logo mark has been made for the ceremony this time ✨

The horseshoe and horse logo was very cool, wasn’t it~!



I was very particular about the color of the body of “ganbariki penlight”.

There wasn’t really one with brown as the body color, so I made it into a cute horse colored-one with a pink strap. It’s rare 🐴!


I’d be happy if you could use ganbariki penlight to cheer for everyone from now on ✨


Crowned Tomu in penlight accessories, Tomu and Kurowasan the horse on embroidered hand towel were all hand-drawn πŸ‘‘

I wondered if I drew them well, how was it πŸ€”?


They made a lot of goods for just this occasion 🀍

By all means, please get your hands on them β™ͺ




The second batch of goods for Sugai Yuuka Graduation Ceremony has been announced 🫢🏻

Some items are already sold out, so by all means, please check them out as soon as possible 😌








everyone was able to stand together for the last stage.


Including Rina-chan who was injured.

I’m glad that we could stand on the stage together at the end! You have worked so hard, thank you πŸŽ€





Yumi-chan and Hikarin too,

I’m glad that they returned ☺️ I was relieved.

Thank you and welcome back!


I hope that you two can enjoy your future activities together with everyone.




And then,

The position of Sakurazaka46’s captain will be succeeded by Matsuda Rina.






Until now, Matsuri has created the group together with me as vice-captain.

I think that Matsuri’s positivity and cheerfulness has created a good atmosphere in Sakurazaka✨

Thank you very much.


The position of captain carries responsibility, and sometimes you might feel lonely.

You need to think more than others, and need to work in places that people cannot see.

Depending on how you look at it, it may be called a “drawback”

but I continued because I believe that value is born in things that people do not want to do.


Besides, with the current group, everyone will cooperate.

I am sure that Matsuri will surely be able to create an even better Sakurazaka.

That is what I thought, so I felt at peace to have you take it over!

Thank you very much for taking over.


Please give your continued support

for Captain Matsuda ✨




For the encore, I was able to perform Keyakizaka46 songs after a long while 🌳


Looking back to my 7 years of activities,

5 years were in Keyakizaka, 2 years were in Sakurazaka. Both of them were indispensable times.


It was a carefully selected list of songs

following a discussion with staff.


There were members who were performing Keyakizaka songs for the first time, and they did their best to learn it.


Members, thank you for your help.

Hoping that it could also be an irreplaceable gift of experience for the 2nd gen members as well, I asked for a time in the end.


There was an expression of Keyakizaka’s songs that we can only do because we have experienced Sakurazaka.

Thank you very much for receiving our performance.



Together with the encore, I think that it has been an exciting concert

where you can feel all of Sakurazaka46’s past, present, and future 🌳🌸




And for the ceremony, I was truly happy that such a beautiful dress had been made for me πŸ‘‘πŸ’Ž





Onai-san, who created many costumes during Keyakizaka time. Truly, truly, thank you very much for making a dress with such wonderful design at the end ✨


During the meeting, Onai-san brought a lot of materials, and kindly discussed with me the form of the dress, embroidery, and even the colors that I like.



The skirt was shaped to match the scale of the dome,

it was the first time in my life I was able to wear such a gorgeous dress!!



Since this will be the final dress in my idol activities, I wanted to retain the coolness, and I asked it to be designed asymmetrically.


I am also touched with the original embroidery of a harness, bridle bit, headpiece, and horseshoe 😒

They kept putting on Swarovski jewels on them until the very last minute to make them sparkle…

Truly, truly, thank you very much to Onai-san and the costume team who have worked hard to create it.




The surprise letters from the members made me very happy πŸ₯Ή

Thank you very much for taking the time to write these 😭



We performed my graduation single “Sono Hi Made” at the very end.


How was our first performance?



For me, this is the last song that was choreographed by TAKAHIRO-sensei, who has greatly taken care of me all this time.

I was happy to be able to look at everyone in the eyes.


And more than anything, the “Ganbariki arch” that everyone made on the runway at the end was so cute…

It encouraged me who ran alone πŸŽπŸ’¨


I am full of gratitude towards TAKAHIRO-sensei, all the members,

and everyone who was involved with the production of this song.



At the end, when I saw the sight of the Tokyo Dome that is filled with [my] lightstick colors,

my heart was filled with joy πŸ’ŽπŸ€


I etched it to memory, promising to never forget about it.




Truly thank you very much for presenting me with such a beautiful view ✨



Through the tour, I received much love from Buddies and Barizu [her fan name] 🀍

I was happy to be able to see beautiful congratulatory flowers full of originality at every performance πŸ’


I could also tell that you came to watch the shows many times ☺︎


All your support until the very end became a source of encouragement for me.

Truly, truly, thank you very much πŸ₯Ή




After it ended,

the members presented me with an album filled with memories.

I was deeply moved, as until now I have always been the one to give it πŸ₯Ή I’m grateful.




I was surprised to see the catering booth was also decorated with horses that I love!

I was happy about it 🐎 Thank you very much.





Once again, truly thanks to the support of many people, I have been able to run through the 7 years without taking a single break.


It was a 7 years of meeting a lot of people, of traveling.

I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who has brought me this far.


The days and experiences have been so dense and stimulating that I wondered if I was dreaming a long dream, these are memories I never want to forget ✨



When I felt like my heart is about to break, the faces of everyone who supported me came to mind, and somehow I was able to hold on.

My sincerest thank you for being on my side

and believing in me at all times.


I hope that I was able to give back to you, even for just a little.




And there is something that I learned through this activity.


It is how in good times and bad times of life, as long as we keep moving forward while cherishing the relationships and advice we receive from those around us, there will always be a path leading somewhere.


There is no such thing as a useless experience,

it is important how we interpret it and move forward.


I hope that through my activities until now, I was able to convey such things and be of help to someone, even for just a little.


The roots of Sakurazaka are “Humility, Kindness, Bonds”.

I hope that they continue to bloom into a big and strong cherry blossom without forgetting their beginner spirit

and I will be cheering for them to the best that I can as one of the Buddies πŸŒΈπŸƒ


Everyone, I look forward to your

continued support of Sakurazaka46!





Thanks to you, I could satisfiedly finish my activity as Keyakizaka46 and Sakurazaka46!



From now on, I will continue to be

staying in “Seed & Flower LLC”,

who will be managing my solo activity.



I am very grateful to be able to start running toward my next goal with a new team.


I will give it my best to deliver courage and smiles more than ever before through various activities in the future!


I’d be happy if you could continue to watch over me 😊

I look forward to your continued support ✨





And truly thank you very much to everyone who is subscribed to my mobame πŸ“²


It seemed that the new subscription will be stopped on 30 November 2022.

It seemed that I will be able to send mobame until 31st December, so I will send as much as I can until the end of the year ✨


I will continue to happily send off-shots from my activities that I couldn’t put to today’s blog, recent updates, and such, so feel free to start now ☺️

I will also continue reading your letters 🀍




And lastly,

Truly, truly, thank you very much

to all the reliable concert staff members who have worked together with us throughout this tour,

and all the many concerned staff members 🎀


I was able to stand on the stage as a part of Team Keyakizaka and Team Sakurazaka and learned a lot as someone who was given the chance to stand on the stage.


I will never forget the concerts that we have created with the help of so many people,

under their sometimes strict, sometimes passionate guidance!



And to the staff members and managers who supported us from day to day,

thank you very much for always taking care of us with love and kindness πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ








He actually came prepared with the costume πŸ₯Ή


I was so happy, I jumped out of joy!!


He kept his word. I was surprised!

Thank you very much for doing so, despite your busy schedule ✨






Well then, everyone

until the day we could meet again…

Please wait for me 😌




It has become a very long one

but thank you very much for reading until the end.




Sugai Yuuka








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