The One In Charge of Jerseys? Let me Explain… 🫥 #nagisablog (2023.09.02)



KonNagi~I’m Kojima Nagisa, 18 years old, from Nagano prefecture.



It’s already September!!


Rather than feeling sad because summer has ended, I’m feeling way more excited because autumn and winter are coming soon~~~~~


It feels like this year also passes by in a flash.




🌷August 26th, Online Meet & Greet for “Start over!”🌷
Thank you for all of you who came to see me!!



This time, I’m on a pair lane with Itoha ♡

Thank you for the fans of Ito-chan! You were all such lovely people like Itoha, full of smiles with nice personality, and also full of love for her. Perhaps it’s true that fans and their oshi have similar personalities.



By the way, I went to eat out with Itoha the other day~


I don’t usually go out myself, but that time I felt like having food somewhere outside once in a while, and then when walking around I just happened to meet Itoha,,

“Shall we go out somewhere now~?”

She invited me like so. I was happy about it and then went with her full of excitement.
Thank you for inviting me(*ˊ˘ˋ*)♡



We have the same preferences for food, yet it was so hard to decide on what to eat,,, Then after thinking about it for a very long time, we went for beef tongue and fried oyster~

(Itoha also ordered for both! Thank you! You are so dependable, it was really helpful🥲)


Both of us were so excited to have the beef tongue that we were longing for. It was delicious~



After that we were just walking around leisurely, and talked about a lot of things. It warms my heart to talk with Itoha because I can feel her pure and wonderful sensibility. I can understand what people mean when they say “a girl with a good heart” just by being with her. That’s why it felt so fun to be with her, and that day also went by in a flash!


Let’s go out and play again someday~✌️



Back on topic,,
The last meet & greet will be on Sunday, September 3rd!!
It feels lonely that it will end soon, but I’m also looking forward to meeting you all~☺️
I’ll be waiting~!




November 25th (Sat), 26th (Sun)
The advance reception for Sakurazaka46 “3rd Year Anniversary Live” tickets has started from September 2nd 12:00 PM👀


I got to know that this concert will be held during the start of the 3rd Tour 2023 in April this year, and back then I thought it will still take quite a while, but now it is not even 3 months left before I get to meet you all Buddies!! It makes me so happy.


Are you all looking forward to it as well??


Let’s do KonNagi~ together again☺︎
I hope I can also return all the love given to me through the towels and penlights, and also fans and sketch books.





Also, on November 25th, Habu-san will be graduating.

When I heard the announcement from Habu-san, it had a big impact on me and I also felt sad because she’ll be graduating, and I couldn’t organize my thoughts.


I’m now still kind of being spoiled by the seniors, but I strongly feel that I should carry over whatever has been made for this group by Habu-san and all the other seniors.


I couldn’t say it directly, but when the 3rd-gens just joined, she recognized us right away as “Habu no Onna”. Her immeasurable kindness always saved me when I was still inexperienced. Also, I admire how cool she is for always keeping that image of Habu-san that we all know whatever the situation is.

I hope I can put my gratitude into words on her last day. Until then, I would like to make great memories with Habu-san and put my thoughts onto the future!!




August 23rd
Together with the senior members, I performed at “Seventeen Summer School Festival 2023”!

The 3rd-gens performed “Natsu no Chikamichi”. Thank you for those who came to the venue and watched the stream!


When I arrived at the venue, I was overwhelmed by how adorable, beautiful, and gorgeous the other performers were!
I was featured in the article of Seventeen magazine before, so I’m glad that I could have another chance to work together with them and convey my gratitude.






🌷Recent update about a funny thing that made me laughed🌷


⚪︎This is the story about my favorite bag breaking when I was laughing at the video of Mio (Matono Mio).


There was that video that got featured in last week’s “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”. But apart from that, Mio always sent funny videos and pictures to the 3rd-gens.


Ever since the training camp, Mio’s funny personality has always been helping us 3rd-gens to get through our struggles.


Actually, that particular video was already well known around the 3rd-gen since last year. The impact was way bigger when I watched it for the first time. I have no clue how she even got the idea for it,,


Moreover, I couldn’t believe that it got broadcasted as well!!! I’m happy that it could be shared with you all!!!


But the story this time is not not about that video of Mio, but that she showed me another work of hers, and due to that my bag handle got torn apart ehehehe


I did know that my bag had almost reached the end of its lifespan, so I guess it was kind of a revelation from the Gods. Thanks to Mio, it became an even more memorable item. Thank you!!


📸Together with cute youngest one, Mio-chan☺︎✌︎


○Back the other day, Miu (Murayama Miu) gave me delicious looking bread~ Moreover, I was happy because it came with a cute message on it☺︎Thank you as always!! The season for sweet potato that Miu likes is coming soon, so I should give her something in return as well,,


Everyone, please let me know about the type of sweet potato that you’d recommend next time~!!



○Something that happened during our free time
Together with Itoha, I use a tablet to take lots of videos and pictures!


Simply said, we did some weird expressions, got buried in sands using a weird effect, and became potatoes. I’ll show it to you some other time.


Right, when we were doing that, Ten-sama suddenly joined in and the three of us ended up playing around together, ehehe. It was fun! Thank you, Ten-sama, for fooling around with us🙇


○Watching Nijisanji Hardcore Minecraft Season 2 in real time until the end
The live stream was held late at night,, but it was really fun that I didn’t realize how time just flown by.


By the way, I watched it during Sinna Yuika-san’s segment☺︎
I hope I can watch it together with the other 3rd-gens sometime,,,


Looks like they will be having the Season 3 as well, so I’m looking forward to it!!



The stream is archived, so you can watch it if you’re interested~





🌷Q&A Corner🌷

I’ll be answering the questions that I got during the meet & greet and also through the fan letters! Sorry that I couldn’t answer much~,,



⚪︎Please upload a two-shot with Yuzu!
I took one a while ago, but for some reason it didn’t get saved( ; ; )
Next time I’ll take another pic of the cute Yuzu, so please wait~!



⚪︎Please let me know if there’s a name you would like to call your fans with!
Waa~ that’s difficult!! I wrote it in my other blog back then, but my sense of naming things is outrageously bad,,,
KonNagi fans with good naming sense!! Do you have any good ideas~?
Please give me a good name!!!!



⚪︎What’s the dish that’s most memorable to you?
The Chikuzenni and Nikujaga that my mother made, also the Oyaki and potato salad that my grandmother made.


There’s no way I can just pick one~!!! There are a lot of other things as well! Sorry~



⚪︎Milk bread is popular in Nagano, but have you eaten it?
Of course~ My friend back in the tennis club happened to eat it, and then she shared some with me~ It’s really delicious, isn’t it?! I wonder if that is only being sold in Nagano prefecture?



⚪︎How did you spend your summer holidays back in Nagano?
Junior years of elementary school :
Everyday I went to some kind of a central square(?) for elementary school students! I liked to play othello, speed (card game), table tennis, unicycle, and dodge ball.

Senior years of elemetary school :
Playing games at home all the time. I played a lot of games~!

Middle school :
Tennis all the time!! It was so fulfilling because I got to see a teacher, seniors, and fellows that I really loved!

High school :
There was the corona virus, so I believe I didn’t go out to play that much! I studied in the living room or the study room!

Back in elementary school, I had my mother giving the circle marks on my Summer Vacation Book, but I did too many mistakes that it was full of sticky notes( ; ; )
On the other hand, even though my brother got mistakes too, it was always a single digit number of them. There was no possible way of me winning, so I was not frustrated about it either,,,


Apart from that, our family went to the beach and also had barbecue! I wish I could go again with them some time~




And with that, I’ll end it here this time!
Thank you as always for the fan letters! They always encourage me to keep on going through the days and doing my work. Your thoughts from each and every one of you are reaching out to me!! There might be time lag after you all sent it, but don’t worry because they will certainly arrive on my end!!!




That’ll be it for this time!!
Next up is Airi (Taniguchi Airi)!!
Watching SokoSaku, it made me think that I will be reborn as Airi’s younger brother in the next life!



Also, I was interogated like “Is it true that you were wearing a jersey for the whole year?”, but let me just say that all the other kids around me did the same, eheheh
[T/N: In SokoSaku#147, Nagisa’s parents wrote that she was wearing a jersey for the entire school year back then]

However, more than anything I was happy that my parents gave their best to write an episode about me, even though I know they are not used to things like this. Thank you!

My friend who I formed a band with back in high school also watched it and then contacted me, saying “I’m happy that we could spent the time in our youth together”. It made me so happy! Thank you for always watching over me☺︎




Later then, everyone~~!



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