UniHaro 🎃✨ (2023.08.10)


Thank you very much for opening my blog


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira 🌸




This year, Universal Studios Japan
is holding a Halloween Limited Edition Student Support Campaign, “UniHaro”! 🌎



I made an appearance in the “#無敵の日 (Muteki no Hi / Invincible Day)”
special video that was recently released!🙌



I never expected to be able to work at my beloved Universal Studios Japan, which I have visited many times before… Even now it truly still feels like a dream to me 💭

Thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity!!🌸




The special video is available for a limited time on the official WEB site 👀
And starting from 16th August, it will be broadcasted as a TV commercial in some areas! 📺✔



By all means, please do give it a check 👀







During the filming,
I was able to meet a side of myself that I don’t usually see, such as screaming like I never have before at real zombies that I saw for the first time, and how everyone gave their best in the dance scene with many people as if we were all competing with each other!


I tend to be a shy person,
but on this day thanks to the atmosphere of Universal Studios Japan, I was able to befriend the people around me in no time! We even played finger sumo for about 20 minutes~!


It was an “invincible day”, just like the theme ✨




Tete te te terete tete tete







I’m posting the pictures 📸




⬆️ A picture where we didn’t manage to grab each other 🤏







I went to play 🥰




I found Pikmin!!




I caught them 🫶







I like the Super Star cushion given to me 🌟
With this, I can always be invincible 🌟🌟






“UniHaro” period is from
7th September ~ 5th November 2023!


Be invincible too! 💪✨






Thank you very much for reading until the end!

Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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