Yahoo ∠( ˙-˙ )/ (2022.07.29)

Thank you very much for opening up my blog

I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira🐱



How is everyone doing?




Yahoo ∠( ˙-˙ )/ (2022.07.29)

I’m in doing very well 💪
This is a selfie I took while calling Sato Rika-chan 📸






These are clothes that I received from Harada-san before〜👔
Isn’t it so cute?!!




Look look〜〜
I like the collar, and this is also the color I want to wear the most 🥺
Thank you very much Harada-san!
7/28   SHOWROOM🍛


Thank you very much for the many comments!
It was fun to hear everyone’s self-introductions〜😚
Thank you very much for watching!


Our 1st album ” As you know?” which we showed you a sneak peek of, has all sorts of photos and it was amazing👀
Please be sure to check it out!





🌈The SHOWROOM stream relay is still going on🌈


30th July (Thursday)
Kousaka Marino-san, Takemoto Yui-san, Moriya Rena-san


1st August (Monay)
Ozeki Rika-san, Saito Fuyuka-san

3rd August (Wednesday)
Morita Hikaru-san, Yamaskai Ten-san


Let’s have a fun time!!








For the ” W-KEYAKI FES.2022″ performance that was cancelled the other day
a make-up performance has been decided!!


① July 22nd (Friday) Start 15:30 / End 17:30
① August 19th (Friday) Start 15:30 / End 17:30


②  July 24th (Sunday) Start 15:00 / End 17:00
② August 20th (Sunday) Start 15:00 / End 17:00


The performance on 8/20 (Sunday) will also hold Ozeki Rika-san and Harada Aoi-san’s graduation ceremony! This day’s performance will also be streamed, so I hope to be able to see the two of them off together with many people.



Both days will be held at Fuji-Q Conifer Forest!


I’m so happy!
And I’m full of gratitude.

I believe it must have been thanks to the numerous voices of all the fans that this decision was made.
Thank you very much as always!



So that all the members can stand strong before everyone, we will focus our minds and give it our best 💪





And also⭐️
August 1st (Monday)22:00~25:00

I will appear on the live broadcast of “Rekomen!”




It’s my first time appearing on a 3 hour live broadcast!
I’m really nervous but I’m looking forward to it〜〜
Please be sure to tune in 👂👂










The CD buyer special application lottery for “As you know?” has been announced✨


★Buyer application lottery special event! Special talk show★


It won’t be online, it will be an in person event!
It will be the first time I will be meeting the fans in person outside of concerts, so I’m already excited☺️☺️



Please see here for further details!⬆️👀










Hope to meet you soon








Thank you very much for reading until the end

Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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