Tamura Hono

Full speed (2021.11.04)

    Sakurazaka46 1st TOUR 2021   has ended with the end of Saitama Super Arena.   Starting from September, striding over the release of 3rd single, I am relived that we are all able to safely finish it like this.   To be able to go where the Buddies are, to have you come […]

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Red (2021.09.14)

The MV for 3rd single’s title song “Nagaredama” has been released. This time, I am truly honored to be able to work with Director Ikeda. I sincerely think that it was a valuable experience… Thank you very much. I will continue to do my best so that I may meet you again in an improved

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3rd (2021.08.09)

Good evening   It has been decided that our 3rd single, “Nagaredama” will be released on 13th October (Wed).   Thank you very much.   And I has been entrusted with the center position of the title song, “Nagaredama”.     I will dedicate my everything to do my best to do anything that I

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White (2021.07.13)

Hello! All three days of W-KEYAKI FES have safely ended. To everyone who came to the venue、 To everyone who watched the stream, and to everyone who wanted to watch this live and applied for ticket, Truly thank you very much 🗻 I’m really laughing there. The first day was our first audience live with

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Photobook (2021.06.25)

Good evening!     This morning, it has been announced that Tamura Hono’s 1st photobook will be published by Shogakukan-san.     The photoshoot location is Iwamizawa in Hokkaido and Ishikagi Island in Okinawa.     Actually, before I received the opportunity to take a photoshoot,   When I think about what kind of photobook

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Red snapper (2021.05.15)

Good evening〜 On the other day, it was announced that Ten-chan has been appointed as an exclusive model of ViVi-san! Again, congratulation Ten-chan 🥰 She were already so cute when she was featured in the past~~ It suits her so well, right?… 😳 She become the first exclusive model from 2nd generation so it makes

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Tower (2021.05.06)

Good evening🗻   It’s been very late, but we were able to appear in “SONGS OF TOKYO” Thank you very much‪‪☺︎‬ You can see us reflected on the mirror behind 🌊︎︎︎︎🐎     Including the coupling songs, we were able to perform 4 songs   I hope that you can enjoy each of it ☺️

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Anime (2021.04.04)

Hello!   I’ll be introducing some of my favorite anime that I have been watching recently~~   Natsume Yuujinchou Each episode is so good… I like the ending theme so much I can’t skip it Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken I think it’s a setting gamers would like. There are many funny moments, I enjoy

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Excited (2021.03.28)

Hello!   I am late but, the 1st single Meet & Greet and all the events are over. Until the very end, Thank you very much☺️!   It’s a different format from what we had before but we are really grateful that we were able to do Mini Live and Handshakes.   The events are

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Flying Bird (2021.03.27)

Good Morning ☀︎   The music video for the coupling song which Karin-chan is center, “Guuzen no Kotae” has been released! https://youtu.be/_ZCf_iLMwn0   It turned out to be a new kind of MV that has an emotional performance in the story. 🕊         May it reach you deeply.   We will be in

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